September 2006

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Sony’s answer

Continuing about recalls… Sony interviewed all of these actions. And what is their answer? They are shocked! Of course I understand them; they weren’t ready for this numbers. But everything followed to this conclusion. Number of recalls is still increasing. I wonder why Sony is still in game. Oh, yeah. The answer is – because Sony is GIANT. That’ why. Almost no one can sink them. But shares are losing weight. Now is 8.6% low. What’ next? Sony will decrease own personal? I don’t know. I hope for happy end.
Via Reuters

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New recalls

There are new recalls. Lenovo recalls 520000 laptops with applied Sony batteries. I suppose Sony made this specially for other companies to lose money. Of course I’m just joking, but the number of recalls frightens me. I’ve already written about Toshiba recalls. Already there was a conference about problem of recalls. I wonder will Sony compensate all material losses for other companies. I advice you not to buy any laptop for next half year. The market must be stabilized. Just wait. Or laptop will blow up just at your hands. It’s a SonySony

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Intel is hot

Intel is going to pay $1m for the new conception of PC design. Well, I don’t know what to say… They don’t have own designers? Invite Apple! Their Macs much more nice than simple PC. Hm, let’s think what we must change in this damned box:
at first shape – of course it must not be square. I hate this shape;
color – well, color is,of course, changeable, but by default it is white. Its stupid associations. I haven’t seen white PC for a few years;
material – nowadays manufacturers try to save money and our nature. I respect them (but not all). Maybe it must be from plastic. It’s cheaper, but of course not safer. But who moves his PC everyday? I think this idea must be developed;
As for me that’s enough. I repeat – just for me. Leave your comments what do you want to see at future PC? PCs which can make coffee will be considered as spam.

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Asus updates laptop with Core 2 Duo

Asus W2Do you know Asus laptops multimedia series? It’s also called W-series. Asus adds new model to W2 series. Now with Core 2 Duo! Well, not bad. But I don’t know will someone use all of its power for full strength? Let’s look further… Well, what’s next change? Wow, ATI Radeon 1700 Mobility version! Hm, a real multimedia mobile center. Also Asus applied HD DVD ROM with HDMI output. HDMI spreads over the world. That’s nice. Unfortunately this is all changes. I hope with next release Asus will apply real 5.1 sound system ;)

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Sh… DRAM makers aren’t so clean, as it seems

As you already know some time ago Department of Justice raised charge for DRAM manufacturers. There were 4 charges: for Infineon, Hynix, Samsung, Elpida. 3 of these companies just paid fees. Samsung decided to go other way. They’ve just found a man, who will be responsible for this. This unlucky man is Thomas Quinn. He agreed to serve 8 months in prison and pay $2500000! Man, that’s hurt him plenty… I don’t know why exactly Samsung, but this company paid much then others. Samsung paid $300 million fine. Hynix paid $185 million and Infineon $160 million. Elpida get off lightly, it had just paid $84 million. Investigation is continuing. I’m interested to see who will be in jail next.
P.S. Sorry, I’m still completing computers. See my review “Tips and Tricks for Newbies” at next few days.
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Sorry, the site won’t be updated for next few days. I’ve got much to do. I must complete 13 computers for office. When I will do it – there will be a review about it

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GSS Solution Opens Mobile Devices as Advertising Platform

I have read about this at the friendly blog The origin is on Yahoo. I don’t have any words to say. It’s… It’s… Damn! What they want to do with us? I will throw my cell phones away! 2 phones full of advertisements. It’s too complicated for me. And they are telling that they will send advertisements in the dependence of the place, where we are. So if I’m in rest room I will get advertisement about new toilet paper? GSS, I hate you!GSS

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Intel’s roadmap

Intel has publicized new roadmap for its CPUs. As we see, there are some debuts: Pentium D935 (not as interesting as next) and Core 2 Duo E4300. Its debut will be at January 2007. The difference between E6300 and 4300 is frequency. E6300 equal 1.86 GHz and E4300 equal 1.8 GHz. Too miserable changes as for me. Maybe there will be some other surprises? In roadmap there is nothing about it.
Let’s dig deeper. I’ve found some information on the Intel’s site about E6300. But there is nothing about E4300. Well, let’s go further… Digital-Daily shows us, that E4300 will have multiplier 9 and reduced bus speed at 800. So, that’s the secret! It will have reduced bus speed. And reduced cost for $20. Hm, I don’t know overclocking potential, but it will be made on the similar to E6300 core – Allendale. So the potential is the same – crazy. Let’s just wait till its release

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Mobile industry will reduce pollution

Nice to hear such news. It means that there are still not indifferent people to the environmental problems. Nokia (like the biggest company, producing cell phones) and others mobile companies agreed to reduce pollution. One of the ways of reducing is return of unwanted cell phone. So if you have unused Nokia 3310, please address to Helsinki

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Notebook developers discuss problems about batteries

After recent recalls, notebook developers make a conference discussing problems of batteries, new technologies of battery saving.
As for me the answer is clear. Sony must be prohibited to make any batteries. We must decline existing technology of batteries. It’s too old and ineffective for nowadays gadgets. New technology must be developed from 0. Because all existing technologies are in dead end. I think developers are realizing this, but don’t want to do anything. To change batteries, they must discover new equipment, technology, teach new specialists. All of these need money. But why discover new, if we can develop existing? Of course I’m mistaking, but it looks like I’m right

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