October 2006

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AMD and ATI are AMD now

As you know some time ago AMD has bought ATI. Today the fusion is completed. AMD totally has ATI now. And there is new site for ATI – ati.amd.com. As AMD has announced the brand “ATI” will stay alive for some time. Further the graphic processors will be called AMD. And the base color will change from red to green. Let’s think what AMD have won buying ATI. As for me – nothing. Just new profits. It doesn’t bring any advantages on the market. Maybe AMD wants to try itself as a graphics productor? Maybe they want to take control over graphics production? Conquer new market? Many rumors, nothing specific

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Game Exhibition

Girls exhibition

According to Reuters there is an exhibition about games in London. Who was there please e-mail me or just express your feelings in comments

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DRAM cost tendency

Just look on DigiTimes. There is nice table of DRAM costs since the beginning of 2006 year. As you can see the cost has increased almost 50%! Allow me to remind you about legal problems, which DRAM makers had struggled with. Companies couldn’t prove why they had increased the cost, so let them pay money for their mistakes. I hope they have understand their doing. Digitimes has summarized all of it and showed it on accessible table. Look and understand why DRAM companies had such problems

Written by mente on October 24th, 2006 with 1 comment.
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Intel and AMD roadmaps

Speaking about last Intel&AMD roadmaps
Some comments:

First half of 2007 year won’t be interesting for us, except Kentsfield. Intel has found nice time to release quad-core processor. No answer from AMD. But at other side no many surprises, just several new models. Fourth quality of 2006 is more interesting now. Intel will continue delevoping Conroe branch, AMD will answer by Athlon-FX series. Strange but there is nothing mentioned about Pentium. Intel promised to save this brand. At far future we’ll see unreachable now Altair and Yorkfield. But it will be next year. As for me – I’m waiting for Conroe Quad to buy :)

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Asus increases notebook series by 3 models

Asus thought that its notebook series are small and added 3 new models. Each one is oriented for business. So let’s look at each model separately.


First model is called R1F. Its tablet PC which as it was written “offers a smart balance of mobility and performance with comprehensive security features that protect with both software as well as hardware solutions, providing a secure and convenient computing experience for business professionals on the go”. Interesting, how does it differ from existing models except new hardware? I don’t think there is built-in hardware firewall or some other protecting system. What I really like at this model is handwritten support. It’s really nice! Also LCD is converting up to 180 degrees, but if you’re not big business man, who shows presentations on notebook (actually real business man shows it on projectors) you won’t need this feature.

The other model is called R2H. It looks like Pocket PC, but it’s really Table PC. This notebook has built-in web-camera to communicate with other world. Also as R1F it has handwritten input support. This is actual for this notebook, because there is no other input :D . This system is weak comparing to others, but much enough for office applications. And my opinion is its battery lives much more than R1H. So this notebook is oriented for beginning businessman.


And last notebook is called Lamborghini VX1. It’s classic notebook with many features. Long-lasting battery, slim design, wireless connections. This notebook is oriented for really big business man. According to its price – $4888. Not anyone can afford it.

P.S. By the way, Lamborghini edition which was always Asus top-model has “only” 7400GS video card. So gamers, forget about this model.

Written by mente on October 19th, 2006 with 1 comment.
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Intel introduces versions of Bearlake

As you know, Intel soon will release new chipset for it’s platform called Bearlake (975 in old style). Intel plans to make few variations on the chipset. There will be 6 (!!!) versions. They are Bearlake-Q, Bearlake-QF, Bearlake-X, Bearlake-P, Bearlake-G+ and Bearlake-G. As usual there will be deluxe version, standard version and version with integrated graphics. But I don’t understand for what customers will be other chipsets. I’m talking about Bearlake-G+. It will have advanced integrated graphics? Intel and advanced graphics? Good joke. As I think Bearlake-Q and Bearlake-QF will be for quad-cores processors. Bearlake-X and Bearlake-P for simple(?) Core Duos. Well, all of this is just my suggestions. Time will show who is right

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Notebook users can be not only users, but gamers


NVIDIA has released new mobile graphics card GeForce Go 7950 GTX. Man, this card faster for my desktop… Interesting what about energy usage. Still battery problems are remembered. And if this video monster will be provided with AMD processor? What batteries will we need to keep it all power on? And cooling systems? I wonder what performance this video card will have. If more than 7600GT desktop version I’ll be surprised. And who will be the customer of this product? Extremely mobile and rich gamers. Very small area of usage. But it will be. If the price goes down at nearest future, they’ll become more moderate

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Benq profits are going down

BenqI can’t understand. Somebody pointed out, that Benq is a bankrupt. Now Benq is alive and even has some profits, but lower than last year. According to DigiTimes Benq has a lower profit down to 20% according to equal quarter last year and 10% down according to year profits. And that’s without Benq Mobile, which is non-profitable (it’s my opinion). And why did they buy this company? I mean Siemens. I suppose Siemens is happy now, due they have got rid off of unprofitable branch. Who can give some light at this dark situation? Is Benq really bankrupt? Or it’s just someone’s joke?

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17-inch LCD will be a history soon


Manufacturers of LCD mentioned that 17-inch standard LCD panels have less sales than 19-inch widescreen models. They expect reduction of 17-inch market shares from 50% to 33% and extension of 19-inch models from 26% to 33%. Not big, as you see. But definitely will be extension of whole LCD market, that’s included at expectations. As for me widescreen is required only by professionals. For home usage better standard models with ratio 4:3. I’m efficient with my 17 CRT, but the future trends make me change my opinion. And what do you about this? Will you change your standard monitor with standard ratio to widescreen, if they will decrease the cost?

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Quad Battles

IntelAs you know Intel is going to release a quad-core processor in 2007. And its name is Yorkfield. AMD don’t want to be an overtaking, so its answer will be Altair (don’t remind you anything?) As always AMD wants to differ from Intel. Let’s see, what they are (differences). At first it’s the technology process. AMD still undertake 65 nm process, meanwhile Intel already has some prototypes on 45 nm. So the size of the cores will be corresponding. Next difference is in cache. AMD has dedicated L2 cache for each core (4x512kb). Yorkfield has common L2 cache, which will be shared between cores. The capacity is 12 mb(2×6 mb). And the size of the processor will be dramatically smaller than Altair’s. I have forgotten to mention: Altair will have common L3 cache for 2 mb. So in sum we have 4 mb cache for Altair and 12 mb for Yorkfield. If count up all megabytes for each core Altair will fail. 2mb+512 kb vs. 12 mb. But we’ll see how Intel will realize sharing the cache between cores.
And the last difference is in instructions. Yorkfield will have new 50 instructions called SSE4. Who can tell me, what advantages has SSE3?
The results of the battle we’ll see next year. But be aware – the battle has already begun AMD

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