November 2006

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Integrated Crossfire

Surfing through internet brings me to interesting forum called ocworkbench. There I’ve found interesting post about new Gecube’s prototype of the ‘dual chipped’ video card. Nothing strange you’ll say. But???? there’s really strange – this card is based on ATI RV560. Allow me to remind you that X1650XT has a chip RV560. Nvidia has introduced similar model much earlier. And it had better performance, because it was based on 7900 card. What can we mention about this card? It has two RV560, as I have written before.

They work together with the help of special chip. In sort of bridge in Crossfire system. But this time you don’t have to buy special motherboards that support Crossfire. And only motherboards which are equipped with ATI chipset support Crossfire. Finding them is another theme. In brief – it’s hard.
The performance will be equal to 1900XT as for me. The main feature will be support of 4 connected monitors. This can be provided by additional bar that is installed in your PC (in box with video card). I want to notice that video card occupies only 1 PCI-x16 slot (it can’t be another) and it doesn’t borrow additional space like 7900GT with its cooler.

This card is just prototype, but soon it will reach mass production. Nothing about the price.

P.S. Interesting, how Gecube will position its card? I suppose mid-end, but only release price will show it. Waiting till release

Written by mente on November 29th, 2006 with no comments.
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Good Hard Disk – Dead Hard Disk

The site wasn’t updated almost for three weeks for one reason – my hard disk decided to say good bye to me. He died fast and uncoverable. In service centre I was informed that pouring was corrupted and it wasn’t guarantee case. Wonderful, just wonderful! I have lost 200 gb of information and now I have to spend more $100 to buy new HDD. I’ve chosen Samsung 250 Gb IDE. Of course I would better buy SATA disk, but my Epox 8RDA3I doesn’t want any SATA drives installed in my computer:). And there are no SATA-controllers in our town. Or maybe they were available, but I didn’t see them.

My dead HDD was WD (Western Digital) 200 GB JB. Nice one. I realized after I have purchased Samsung. WD was silent and fast comparing to Samsung. And why did I buy this crap? Thanks to me, I have backuped all mega important information a day before the HDD had died. I’m still surprised, how I was lucky. Just a feeling nothing more. Have you ever got similar feeling? I bet you did.

Returning to my PCs destiny. Now it’s working fine. Of course I have lost 200 GB of important information, but I suppose it’s even better – now I have free 200 GB!

P.S. Don’t repeat my mistake – Samsung can make only TVs. Seagate and WD are still making the best HDDs in spite of my dead WD

Written by mente on November 28th, 2006 with no comments.
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DDR2 prices. Basic tendencies

Everyone who wished that DDR2 will be cheaper to New Year can wish further. Productors hope to maintain current level of prices. More even to say. It will cost more for one-two dollars. Because it’s Christmas time! Tell me please, who wants to receive new fresh memory on New Year Eve? Not I. Maybe someone other? Some crazy guy, who even doesn’t have a friends. But who will present it to him then? And those guys are only a few between us (I hope so).

Sorry for my anger. Of course this memory will go to OEM productors of computers and other IT stuff, such as consoles and Pocket PCs.

But I don’t understand why they don?????t decrease price since judgment days. They appraised it for 1/3 and no changes are now. Who can make them to stop cheating? Even court couldn’t do it. God? I don’t believe in him. What thoughts do you have?

Written by mente on November 27th, 2006 with no comments.
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Ethernet’s goal for 2010 – 100 gbit

As you might know for last 10 years ethernet had few little revolutions. CablesFirst was when the speed 10 mbit was reached. In next few years scientists easily mastered 100 mbit. In last years 1 gbit became popular. Now the widest broadband is 10 gbit. Vendors are going to increase it to 100 gbit. Well, as for me it’s good. Show must go on (c), as Queen was singing. But for what purposes we will need this standard? I suppose 1 gbit will stay for home usage and 100 gbit channels will be used amongst big servers or among countries. In some countries even 1 gbit isn’t popular, because it’s too expensive (for them of course). So, let the revolution begin!

Written by mente on November 25th, 2006 with no comments.
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Want to assemble your PC yourself? Nothing easier!

At last I completed my short review about my sleepless week. I had assembled almost 15 PCs. Of course, you will say that you can do it in 2 days, but I was limited with components. They were arriving in different time, with interval 2-3 days. So after clicking ‘more’ you will see full version (more…)

Written by mente on November 5th, 2006 with 2 comments.
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Asus presents luxury notebook

Asus notebook

Asus have nothing to do, but just make new notebooks as for me. This time it is new brand – luxury notebook. The main difference between luxury notebook and mainstream notebooks, such as R1F. Of course Lamborghini series is exclusion. This series always were oriented for big businessman and people, who just like to have famous brand. (more…)

Written by mente on November 4th, 2006 with no comments.
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Price-fixing?! Again!

Germany decided to overtake US in SRAM price-fixing problem. Last month Samsung offices had been raided by European Commission. Their aim wasn’t only Samsung, but other offices were closed (somebody alerted?). US Antitrust regulators opened the case earlier German friends. As for me it’s government just wants to regulate prices, of course for users’ benefit. I hope they won’t go mad on this.

Written by mente on November 2nd, 2006 with no comments.
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Windows 6.0CE is announced

Microsoft has announced new version of mobile system – Windows 6.0CE. The main difference from older versions – the kernel will be 100% available! So any other fan can change kernel to make it available for own Pocket PC. I’m waiting for to make new version for my Himalaya. (more…)

Written by mente on November 1st, 2006 with no comments.
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Sony’s bad day… or maybe year?

SonyAfter all problems with Sony, especially talking about battery recalls Sony has new problems. This time Sony receives subpoena from US Department of Justice. Department wants to discuss Sony’s SRAM business. Allow me to remind you, that DRAM makers also have had problems with law. Sony has equal problems – price-fixing on the market. DOJ decided to destroy monopolies or to establish order? I hope its the second point

Written by mente on November 1st, 2006 with no comments.
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