December 2006

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Notebooks and its future

As you can see in nowadays tendency is coming to miniaturizations. You can see it by browsing through my blog. Today I’m going to share about new bar, which was successfully bitten by Japanese scientists. This time they invented new hard drive for notebooks. The limit upraised to 300 GB for 1 hard drive. Video designers can be happy. Now they can take their video studio with them. I have one friend video designer, as I call him, in one advertising agency. He has RAID massive with 3 hard drives. The sum of his space is 1.1 Tb! Of course 300 GB won’t leave all problems outside, but at least you will have more space integrated in notebook. You always can add external USB hard drives.

Written by mente on December 13th, 2006 with 1 comment.
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Water Cooling systems

Surfing internet I’ve found some interesting blog, where was a post about owner’s cooling?  system. Talking a real is nothing interesting, but this post made me think about water cooling system for myself. I have read many articles about cooling systems and even now I can’t understand whether I need it. For what reasons? Quiet? My PC isn’t noisy. Effective? My cooler is effective too. Please, comment your thoughts about water cooling systems. Have you made it yourself? How much did it cost? Well, describe anything you can

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