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AMD is almost ready to launch R600

Do you remember Ruby’s comparison? Well, according to this post AMD has working model of “new” Ruby. But it’s not the main spot. AMD has working R600 video cards. It’s just working prototypes for manufacturers. If manufacturers are happy, customers will be happy too (I hope). AMD still needs time to make sellable video card. Also card is needed to be reduced in size. But I hope they’ll do it quick enough.
Thinking about R600? You must start saving money, if you want to be in the first flight. Because it launches at the beginning of March

Written by mente on February 3rd, 2007 with 2 comments.
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R600 and PCI-Express 2.0

And again about R600. As you, maybe have mentioned I’m ATI fan (now AMD). AMD demoes new chipset RD790 with PCI-Express 2.0 onboard. Massive production will start at the end of the year. But I’m interested in other. As you can see on the pictures there are Radeon HD 2900XT installed.

Radeon 2900XT and PCI-Express 2.0

Any notice? If you haven’t mentioned – here is only one power cable connected. Why? Because PCI-Ex provides 150W. You won’t need so many cables in future.

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R600 was delayed. But why? Ask Rick Bergman

As you know Radeon HD 2000 Series were released yesterday. First release date was autumn of the past year. So delay is about 6 months. But why? TG Daily took an interview with Rick Bergman. He explained it. Here is a cut from interview:

TG Daily: Let’s get right to it. The R600 arrives about six months late. What is the story behind this delay?

Rick Bergman: There are a couple of reasons. The first reason is that there were design issues that needed to be resolved. And then, later, we decided to retarget the product at a very attractive price point. We had a higher price point board coming down the line that involved a lot more cost around the bill of materials, memory devices and so on. And we wondered whether or not that was what the market was really looking for. So, we decided to introduce a $399 price point [for a high-end card] with a brand new technology.

This is a 700-million transistor chip, so as we debugged it, with the cache structures, DX10, the new architecture and so on, it just took us a little longer to iron it out this time.

As you see AMD decided to renew own card before release. I don’t think this was good idea. Half a year has passed. HD 2900XT isn’t the powerfull card, 8800GTX leaves it behind. So what we have for $399? High-end card, called Radeon, cheaper than 8800GTS, good overclocking abilities, but not the most powerful card in the world. Middle in high-end segment I say. That’s we were waiting for? AMD can’t answer Nvidia’s 8800 even after almost a year. I hope AMD’s marketologists will be shot.

If we’ll forget about R600 and read fully the interview we can find interesting thinkings. Rick Bergman says something about discrete graphics vs. intergrated one. I tried to make comparison in my own article, called Laptop and desktop comparison. Fusion (CPU with integrated GPU) will have 16 graphics cores and will satisfy gamer-”user of notebook”.

Well, I give you link. Hurry up and read this interview

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Radeon 2900XT. Photos of retail version

As you know Radeon 2900XT version is officially released today. Several luckies even already tested it. What can I say? I’m dissapointed. Even Ruby won’t save AMD. Video card is similar to Geforce 8800GTS, but costs less (recommended price is $399). It needs more power (215 W) and is more buggy. During tests games exit with errors. I hope AMD will fix problems in future drivers. And now several photos of the 2900XT:

2900XT - overview

This photo shows excellent???? the exact site of the card:

2900XT size

Video card needs “just” 550-600 W PSU and special 8-end joint:

Radeon 2900XT joint

And here are cables, that you need to connect to your Radeon 2900XT. If you connect only one, without 8-end joint you can forget about overclocking

2900XT cables

That’s all folks.

P.S. By the way there is continue of the story for buggy PC. I will write soon.

P.P.S. Sorry for few updates. I’ll try to do my best

Written by admin on January 14th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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Many-cored processor is the key to high performance?

On Sunday in San Francisco Intel has shown experimental processor, which haIntel 80cored processors 80 cores. Cores are common, the main plot is many cores. At the beginning Intel has shown processor working at 0.95 volts. Frequency was 3.16 Ghz and power consumption approximately 62 watts. The performance was amazing – 1.01 TFlops for one processor! Increasing the voltage processor frequency has been increased to 5.1 Ghz. Power consumption also has increased to 175 watt. Increased to 5.7 Ghz processor has shown a record of 1.8 TFlops for single processor. Power consumption was at the level of 275 watts. For example the highest performance computer has 65536 processors and can provide performance approximately 370 TFlops. So just two hundred Intel’s processor can beat the mightiest computer on the planet Earth.

Intel won’t make 80-cored processor public ever. It’s a prototype for future models. Serial model will have maximum of 16 cores, but even with them it is highly performed processor. Maybe Intel will even use technologies tested on this processor to make processor with integrated graphics. One or several cores will help to make it.

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ATI Intergrates Everything in Video Cards?

The Inquirer called it SECRET WEAPON. I call it nonsense. ATI wants to integrate computer in single video card?! For what reason? I have no thoughts, but I hope it won’t happen.
Some information on this news: R600 will have sound on-board. Nothing spectacular, but High-Definition sound. Video card’s performance doesn’t suffer, because sound will be made on the dedicated chip. The sound signal can be transmitted via HDMI both with video signal. Already known that Realtek will produce chips for ATI. You can check it by visiting download drivers page on Realtek site


Look at the bottom of the image. See? Driver is released. Wait for video card :) . Of course it’s still rumours, but who knows… In the end is new image of video card with R600 implemented.

I don’t think R600 will be released really soon, as I wrote before. Of course if this post is true. Have a nice day

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Discrete Graphics for Mobile Systems

Users of mobile systems with weak mobile card now can breathe free. Asus presents XG Station. As for me – very interesting gadget. With his help you can play on notebook with the help of stationary video card and monitor. How you will ask? Just look at the picture above.Usage Scenario

Taken from

As you can see this station connects with notebook and monitor. It has built-in video card 7900GS, but you can replace it with more powerful. As for me very interesting now gadget. Now I don’t have to keep desktop. Just monitor. The incredible benefit is that there is no competition. What do you think about this gadget? Will you buy it? It will be available since Q2 2007. I’m waiting!

Written by mente on January 3rd, 2007 with 3 comments.
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Asus presents luxury notebook

Asus notebook

Asus have nothing to do, but just make new notebooks as for me. This time it is new brand – luxury notebook. The main difference between luxury notebook and mainstream notebooks, such as R1F. Of course Lamborghini series is exclusion. This series always were oriented for big businessman and people, who just like to have famous brand. (more…)

Written by mente on November 4th, 2006 with no comments.
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Price-fixing?! Again!

Germany decided to overtake US in SRAM price-fixing problem. Last month Samsung offices had been raided by European Commission. Their aim wasn’t only Samsung, but other offices were closed (somebody alerted?). US Antitrust regulators opened the case earlier German friends. As for me it’s government just wants to regulate prices, of course for users’ benefit. I hope they won’t go mad on this.

Written by mente on November 2nd, 2006 with no comments.
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Windows 6.0CE is announced

Microsoft has announced new version of mobile system – Windows 6.0CE. The main difference from older versions – the kernel will be 100% available! So any other fan can change kernel to make it available for own Pocket PC. I’m waiting for to make new version for my Himalaya. (more…)

Written by mente on November 1st, 2006 with no comments.
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