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AMD is almost ready to launch R600

Do you remember Ruby’s comparison? Well, according to this post AMD has working model of “new” Ruby. But it’s not the main spot. AMD has working R600 video cards. It’s just working prototypes for manufacturers. If manufacturers are happy, customers will be happy too (I hope). AMD still needs time to make sellable video card. Also card is needed to be reduced in size. But I hope they’ll do it quick enough.
Thinking about R600? You must start saving money, if you want to be in the first flight. Because it launches at the beginning of March

Written by mente on February 3rd, 2007 with 2 comments.
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PCI Express 2.0 Specifications

On this week PCI-Sig has released PCI-Express 2.0 specifications. General improvementsPCI-X are:

But the main improvements are:

I want to discuss the main improvements. The interconnect bit rate is doubled. But do you know that video cards don’t use all bandwidth of PCIe? They always enlarge bit rate for future purpose, but this future never comes. New PCIe specifications come faster. Improvement for power source has 2 sides. First side – video card can be more powerful and use more power (good side). Second side – we have new 8-pin power connector (bad side). You’ll have to buy it before video card (of course if video card uses more than 150W). And of course, reverse support. It’s great that you can connect your old PCIe 1.x video card to new motherboard with PCIe 2.0 support and reverse. Upgrade step-by-step, as I call it.

Summarize this new standard. All improvements are extensive. PCI Express is developed. And it has big future

Written by mente on January 17th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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Ethernet’s goal for 2010 – 100 gbit

As you might know for last 10 years ethernet had few little revolutions. CablesFirst was when the speed 10 mbit was reached. In next few years scientists easily mastered 100 mbit. In last years 1 gbit became popular. Now the widest broadband is 10 gbit. Vendors are going to increase it to 100 gbit. Well, as for me it’s good. Show must go on (c), as Queen was singing. But for what purposes we will need this standard? I suppose 1 gbit will stay for home usage and 100 gbit channels will be used amongst big servers or among countries. In some countries even 1 gbit isn’t popular, because it’s too expensive (for them of course). So, let the revolution begin!

Written by mente on November 25th, 2006 with no comments.
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Sony’s bad day… or maybe year?

SonyAfter all problems with Sony, especially talking about battery recalls Sony has new problems. This time Sony receives subpoena from US Department of Justice. Department wants to discuss Sony’s SRAM business. Allow me to remind you, that DRAM makers also have had problems with law. Sony has equal problems – price-fixing on the market. DOJ decided to destroy monopolies or to establish order? I hope its the second point

Written by mente on November 1st, 2006 with no comments.
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AMD and ATI are AMD now

As you know some time ago AMD has bought ATI. Today the fusion is completed. AMD totally has ATI now. And there is new site for ATI – As AMD has announced the brand “ATI” will stay alive for some time. Further the graphic processors will be called AMD. And the base color will change from red to green. Let’s think what AMD have won buying ATI. As for me – nothing. Just new profits. It doesn’t bring any advantages on the market. Maybe AMD wants to try itself as a graphics productor? Maybe they want to take control over graphics production? Conquer new market? Many rumors, nothing specific

Written by mente on October 26th, 2006 with no comments.
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Game Exhibition

Girls exhibition

According to Reuters there is an exhibition about games in London. Who was there please e-mail me or just express your feelings in comments

Written by mente on October 25th, 2006 with no comments.
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Notebook developers discuss problems about batteries

After recent recalls, notebook developers make a conference discussing problems of batteries, new technologies of battery saving.
As for me the answer is clear. Sony must be prohibited to make any batteries. We must decline existing technology of batteries. It’s too old and ineffective for nowadays gadgets. New technology must be developed from 0. Because all existing technologies are in dead end. I think developers are realizing this, but don’t want to do anything. To change batteries, they must discover new equipment, technology, teach new specialists. All of these need money. But why discover new, if we can develop existing? Of course I’m mistaking, but it looks like I’m right

Written by mente on September 20th, 2006 with 1 comment.
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