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Having R600 or G80 Onboard Means Many-cored System?

LogosSome sage from IT market is afraid that soon there won’t be war between Nvidia and ATI. It doesn’t mean there won’t this companies. According to TheInquirer GPU vs. CPU wars will start soon. I can’t decline this preposition. Future graphic cards will have such powerful GPUs that they can substitute CPU. Of course if you use OS just to launch game. If you archive something or encode video forget about this future.

Now something becomes obvious. Why did AMD buy ATI? Because they wanted to develop chipsets for their own processors? Right and wrong. Maybe right, but not exactly. Also AMD wants to come to graphics market. They can use CPU technologies for GPU in future and GPU technologies in discrete graphics. Uniting GPU and CPU technology they can get Combo unit. Intel and Nvidia will be an outsiders. Nvidia have never made CPUs and Intel has just come to this market. AMD has experienced stuff for this. And ATI didn’t cost too much, as Nvidia. As we know ATI was losing the fight for top graphics card when AMD bought it. Telling truth they are losing now, but not in future. AMD has wise chiefs and I hope you understand what I want to share with

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Want to assemble your PC yourself? Nothing easier!

At last I completed my short review about my sleepless week. I had assembled almost 15 PCs. Of course, you will say that you can do it in 2 days, but I was limited with components. They were arriving in different time, with interval 2-3 days. So after clicking ‘more’ you will see full version (more…)

Written by mente on November 5th, 2006 with 2 comments.
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