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China has own processors

According to this article China has already manufactured own processor called Godson II. It has frequency 500 MHz and its performance is on Intel Pentium III level. Several days ago Chinese scientists introduced new processor called Loongson 2E. You can call it “improved version of Godson II”. It has 800 MHz frequency and improved architecture. Processor isn’t well spread because there are just several motherboards for them. But I hope Intel and AMD will get new competitors soon. Maybe in next 10 years.

In February 200 laptops with Loongson 2E will be presented. Half of them will be taken by engineers at Chinese Academy of Science. Other half will go to people related to this academy. Its like “test release”. Company, invented Godson II and Loongson 2E is called Sinomanic. If you’ll find official site of this company please comment it

Written by mente on January 28th, 2007 with no comments.
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Processor wars: AMD vs. Intel

LogosPreamble. Several months ago AMD announced Fusion processor. It’s a multicore processor with integrated graphics core. It doesn’t mean that processor will be just dual-core or quad-core. It will be many-core. Every core will be specialized in its own task. Seems to me they want to integrate chipset and simple video in processor. Nice decision I tell you. The cost of the entire system will be lowered and the speed rises dramatically. Everything in one box, nothing outside. Of course if you want to have powerful videocard you always can buy it. It will be better than integrated.But all of this was just lyrics. The main plot why this post has been written – Intel’s answer. It’s called Visual Computing Group (VCG). But Intel’s aim differs from AMD’s. AMD tries to improve performance. Intel’s main aim is:

We are focused on developing discrete graphics products based on a many-core architecture targeting high-end client platforms.

It means Intel wants to integrate graphics. No special core for specialized tasks. No integrated chipset. Just integrated graphics. But further they will expand it for CPU specializations. That’s why they’re looking for good specialists. I think their VCG will be developed faster than AMD’s Fusion processor. Fusion is perspective future and VCG is realistic technology. But I believe in AMD. Don’t say I’m AMD fan. Intel can surprise us too.

Written by mente on January 23rd, 2007 with 1 comment.
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Open Source Phone is coming

I have found interesting video while I was browsing internet today. It’s an open source phone, called FIC Neo1973. It is based on Linux OS, has 2.8 inch TFT display with resolution 640×480, touchscreen. Phone has Samsung processor, built-in GPS system. Gadget has 128 mb SDRAm and 64 mb NAND flash memory. Interesting – will you lose all your data, when phone is low battery? Half-phone-PC is powered by 1200 mAh battery? Suppose it’s enough for this baby. I’m wondered why FIC doesn’t have Wi-Fi or at least Bluetooth. These standards are very popular now. But as you can see, it’s more similar with Pocket PCs than with phones. But developers decide to call it “smart phone”.

Now, OpenMoco is seeking for software developers for their gadget. I hope I have a free time, but I don’t think so. So – if anyone is interested to develop open source phone – welcome

Written by mente on January 20th, 2007 with 1 comment.
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PCI Express 2.0 Specifications

On this week PCI-Sig has released PCI-Express 2.0 specifications. General improvementsPCI-X are:

But the main improvements are:

I want to discuss the main improvements. The interconnect bit rate is doubled. But do you know that video cards don’t use all bandwidth of PCIe? They always enlarge bit rate for future purpose, but this future never comes. New PCIe specifications come faster. Improvement for power source has 2 sides. First side – video card can be more powerful and use more power (good side). Second side – we have new 8-pin power connector (bad side). You’ll have to buy it before video card (of course if video card uses more than 150W). And of course, reverse support. It’s great that you can connect your old PCIe 1.x video card to new motherboard with PCIe 2.0 support and reverse. Upgrade step-by-step, as I call it.

Summarize this new standard. All improvements are extensive. PCI Express is developed. And it has big future

Written by mente on January 17th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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Notebooks and its future

As you can see in nowadays tendency is coming to miniaturizations. You can see it by browsing through my blog. Today I’m going to share about new bar, which was successfully bitten by Japanese scientists. This time they invented new hard drive for notebooks. The limit upraised to 300 GB for 1 hard drive. Video designers can be happy. Now they can take their video studio with them. I have one friend video designer, as I call him, in one advertising agency. He has RAID massive with 3 hard drives. The sum of his space is 1.1 Tb! Of course 300 GB won’t leave all problems outside, but at least you will have more space integrated in notebook. You always can add external USB hard drives.

Written by mente on December 13th, 2006 with 1 comment.
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Water Cooling systems

Surfing internet I’ve found some interesting blog, where was a post about owner’s cooling?  system. Talking a real is nothing interesting, but this post made me think about water cooling system for myself. I have read many articles about cooling systems and even now I can’t understand whether I need it. For what reasons? Quiet? My PC isn’t noisy. Effective? My cooler is effective too. Please, comment your thoughts about water cooling systems. Have you made it yourself? How much did it cost? Well, describe anything you can

Written by mente on December 7th, 2006 with no comments.
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DDR2 prices. Basic tendencies

Everyone who wished that DDR2 will be cheaper to New Year can wish further. Productors hope to maintain current level of prices. More even to say. It will cost more for one-two dollars. Because it’s Christmas time! Tell me please, who wants to receive new fresh memory on New Year Eve? Not I. Maybe someone other? Some crazy guy, who even doesn’t have a friends. But who will present it to him then? And those guys are only a few between us (I hope so).

Sorry for my anger. Of course this memory will go to OEM productors of computers and other IT stuff, such as consoles and Pocket PCs.

But I don’t understand why they don?????t decrease price since judgment days. They appraised it for 1/3 and no changes are now. Who can make them to stop cheating? Even court couldn’t do it. God? I don’t believe in him. What thoughts do you have?

Written by mente on November 27th, 2006 with no comments.
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Ethernet’s goal for 2010 – 100 gbit

As you might know for last 10 years ethernet had few little revolutions. CablesFirst was when the speed 10 mbit was reached. In next few years scientists easily mastered 100 mbit. In last years 1 gbit became popular. Now the widest broadband is 10 gbit. Vendors are going to increase it to 100 gbit. Well, as for me it’s good. Show must go on (c), as Queen was singing. But for what purposes we will need this standard? I suppose 1 gbit will stay for home usage and 100 gbit channels will be used amongst big servers or among countries. In some countries even 1 gbit isn’t popular, because it’s too expensive (for them of course). So, let the revolution begin!

Written by mente on November 25th, 2006 with no comments.
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Price-fixing?! Again!

Germany decided to overtake US in SRAM price-fixing problem. Last month Samsung offices had been raided by European Commission. Their aim wasn’t only Samsung, but other offices were closed (somebody alerted?). US Antitrust regulators opened the case earlier German friends. As for me it’s government just wants to regulate prices, of course for users’ benefit. I hope they won’t go mad on this.

Written by mente on November 2nd, 2006 with no comments.
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Windows 6.0CE is announced

Microsoft has announced new version of mobile system – Windows 6.0CE. The main difference from older versions – the kernel will be 100% available! So any other fan can change kernel to make it available for own Pocket PC. I’m waiting for to make new version for my Himalaya. (more…)

Written by mente on November 1st, 2006 with no comments.
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